Luxury Mink Eyelash

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1. Material: 100% natural high-grade luxury mink hair, high-quality mink hair handmade, more than 20 processes can make multiple levels of different directions. Each eyelash has a different angle of curling, with a true 3D effect, the eyelashes are natural, realistic, cross, dense, curled, light, soft, comfortable, and the natural curl is close to the real eyelashes. Messy, three-dimensional feeling is good.Ordinary mink hair can't do this.Ordinary mink hair is slightly layered on two layers.2.Production process: luxury hand-made. No chemical composition, hypoallergenic, no residue, the unique production process makes the eyelashes more in line with the curvature of the eyes and the curl of the eyelashes.Each eyelash is carefully trimmed. Wear nature and be as light as air. The eyelashes are more refined. This is a handmade eyelash. So each eyelash may vary. Not exactly the same. Handmade is more realistic than machine-made eyelashes, and each pair of eyelashes is unique.